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Aderas specializes in implementing, extending, managing, and tuning enterprise applications, databases, applications servers as well as custom software, Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML), and IT development. Learn more about what we do at Aderas by visiting our Capabilities Page.


Aderas is appraised and certified with numerous industry recognized standards for enhanced efficiency, quality, and cost effectiveness for IT service management.   Aderas maintains a culture of continual improvement and learning. These benchmarks serve as an assurance that Aderas offers its customers a structured approach to IT service management based on best practice guidance. Aderas can now internally assess its processes and activities against international standards as a method for identifying and implementing service improvements. The standard allows Aderas to achieve conformance to a service management system, quality standards, information assurance standards, and gives Aderas a competitive advantage for delivery of IT services. The adoption of the standards has led Aderas to continually improve its quality of IT services and thereby increase customer confidence in Aderas and its ability to deliver.

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